What makes a hero?

Everyone knows about heroes in capes on the big screen, but we think the world would be a better place if we took a little more time to recognize and appreciate the heroes we see on a daily basis. 

Heroes act with compassion, selflessness, and integrity. They go above and beyond, and they don't do it for recognition or expectation of anything in return. Heroes simply want to help make the world better.

Nurses, teachers, volunteers, first responders, neighbors, coworkers... Anyone can be a hero. 

Who is your hero?

We all have people we look up to, those we aspire to be more like, those whose presence in our lives make the world a better place.

Coluzzi Real Estate is partnering with Iowa Wild to honor your local heroes.

If you have a local hero you would like to recognize, please nominate them!

You and the nominee will receive two (2) free tickets each to Iowa Wild's Local Heroes Night on Friday, February 14. Select heroes will be recognized throughout the game.