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Enjoy the Iowa Wild from high above rink side!

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Photo courtesy of Katie McDonald Photography via the Iowa Events Center


contact-savoia.jpgThe Hall of Fame suite is an affordable, fun party area perfect for company and family parties. Socialize with one another while catching the game! The open floor area provides plenty of space for everyone to gather comfortably, grab a bite at your party's private buffet, step aside to watch the game, and still have convenient access to other arena amenities.

Hall of Fame Suite Amenities

1372_iowa_wild-alternate-2014.pngHall of Fame SuiteAvailable to groups of 20 people or more with a maximum of 40 people

1372_iowa_wild-alternate-2014.pngCost includes game ticket, food, and soft drinks (one serving per person)

1372_iowa_wild-alternate-2014.pngOpportunity to order additional food and beverage in advance or during the game

1372_iowa_wild-alternate-2014.pngSuite attended by personal wait staff

1372_iowa_wild-alternate-2014.pngElevator access to your private area

1372_iowa_wild-alternate-2014.pngGroup identification on the entrance of your room