Wild 365


"Being a Wild season ticket holder is like coming home..."

Welcome to the club, the Wild 365 club, exclusive to all Iowa Wild Season Ticket Holders! Wild 365 members enjoy over 20 exclusive benefits throughout the hockey season.

For fans with a busy schedule, Iowa Wild offers numerous partial-season plans that allow fans to pick their own games based on a schedule that works for them. There are nearly ten different seating options at Wells Fargo Arena to take in Iowa Wild hockey. Grab your seat now, before someone else does!


Virtual Experience

Join the Iowa Wild as we embark on a journey like no other professional sports team.


Full Season Plan

Don’t miss a single Iowa Wild game with a Full Season Ticket Plan. Enjoy the benefits and savings of being a Full Season Club Member.


21 Game Plan

Take in Iowa Wild hockey with a 21-Game Plan. Enjoy benefits and savings of being a partial Season Seat Holder.


10 Game Plan

Choose 10 games that fit your schedule during the season. With added on benefits, you can’t go wrong with a 10-Game Ticket Plan.


5 Game Plan

Have your pick of 5 games throughout the season. Take advantage of the added bonus features to becoming a 5-Game Partial Plan Holder.

"Being a Wild season ticket holder is like coming home. You meet so many fantastic people who share your passion and love for the game. It's also great meeting the staff, coaches and players, and getting to interact with them on a personal level!" - Dawn Wicker, five-year Wild 365 member

"We love Iowa Wild hockey because it is exciting, high-quality ice hockey in a great arena. The games and entertainment during the intermission periods and while play is stopped enhance the experience for the whole family, making it fun from start to finish. The staff is also very helpful!" - Jesse and Brenda Quinn, Wild 365 members for three years

"There are a lot of perks to being a Wild 365 member. Aside from the local discounts, I really like the Never Waste a Ticket Program. As hard as I try to make plans far in advance, there are always things that come up and if I can't make a game, I can exchange those tickets for a different night. I also love getting a discount on extra tickets if we want to bring along a few friends. GO WILD!" - Stephie Metz, Wild 365 member since 2014

"I just wanted to say thank you for everything the staff does for me as a Wild 365 member. I enjoy being a season ticket holder for the advantage of having the same seat to the games and the discounted tickets for my family and friends. Plus the gift in the mail with my tickets is pretty nice! I also love the meet-and-greet advantages, the Iowa Cubs suite outing and the annual Wild 365 BBQ. Knowing I have a personal representative who takes good care of me and my guests is awesome too." - Donna Cornett, Wild 365 for two seasons

"Hockey is a community, a family - and not just from October to June. I love being a part of Wild 365 because the idea of being a year-round fan who is a part of a growing community is the epitome of what hockey is. And everything is so easy! Ticket renewal? Don't even think about it. Missed a game? Exchange your ticket. Have a question? Call your rep! I could go on, but I think you get the idea. Wild 365? YES!!" - Jennifer Campbell, Wild 365 member for five years