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Number: 14

Twitter Handle: @IAWildCrash14

Occupation: Iowa Wild Mascot

Born: February 16, 2014

Birthplace: Lakes of Minnesota

Shoots: L and R

Height: Just Right

Weight: Don't Ask

States Lived In: Iowa and Minnesota

Professional Idol: Nordy

Favorite Charities: Anything for the kids!

Favorite Colors: Forest Green, Iron Range Red, Harvest Gold and Wild Wheat

Favorite Food: Popcorn and Hot Dogs

Sports Played Growing Up: Ice Hockey, Pond Hockey, Floor Hockey, Roller Hockey

Interesting Fact: Highly Skilled in Cowbell Performance

Favorite Sports Movie: Miracle

Hobbies: Being active, running the stairs of Wells Fargo Arena, skating, stick-handling, visiting schools and libraries, attending community events, reading, practicing the cowbell, and meeting new fans!