Jun 20, 2024

The 2024-25 hockey season is still months away, but the Iowa Wild players haven’t forgotten about their fans in Des Moines. This summer, you'll have the opportunity to keep in touch with them via questions on Facebook, Instagram, and X. 

Iowa native Luke Toporowski sat down to answer your questions on playing in his home state, offseason activities, and more! Stay tuned to Iowa Wild social media for your opportunity to have your questions answered by players in coming weeks. 

How were your nerves before your first game on Wild ice, especially with it being so close to home? 

“I was pretty nervous. I get nervous for games but after playing for a year and a half in Providence, I got into a routine. You want to show up for every game but you’re not necessarily nervous for every game. Coming to Iowa, I put that pressure on myself to be successful and give a show for my family.” 

What was it like playing for the Iowa Wild after growing up in the Quad Cities area? What was going through your mind when you scored against the Manitoba Moose to become the first Iowa native to score for the Iowa Wild?  

“Growing up in Iowa for 16 years and getting to come back to play professionally has been full circle. When I scored that goal I kind of blacked out, honestly. I don’t remember it a whole lot because it was an awesome feeling. I was in shock, but it was a great way to start my time in Iowa.” 

Do you see yourself as a sort of ambassador to young kids in the Des Moines area for hockey? 

“Growing up in Iowa, hockey isn’t huge. If young kids see that an Iowa kid can do it, hopefully that pushes them to do it as well.” 

Does your family come to see your games a lot? If so, what’s that like? 

“I think I had somebody at every game, whether it was my brother who lives in Des Moines or family or friends traveling in from the Quad Cities. It makes it easier to play because they’re coming to watch you. It gets you pumped up for the games and it’s a blast having them in the crowd.” 

My son wants to know when did you first start playing hockey? GOOOOO WILLLLDDDD!!!!! 

“Before I can remember. My dad was playing professionally, so I would go out there with him. My parents told me I was on skates at two, and I was definitely playing hockey by five.” 

What do you like to do in your down time when hockey season is over?? 

“I’ve been trying to golf as much as I can. The weather hasn’t been great, so I haven’t played a lot, but I’m trying to pick that up. I also play a lot of pickleball.”  

What does your off-season prep look like as you set your eyes on next season? 

“I work out and skate nearly every day, at least four times a week. We have a really good group here (in Kelowna) that starts out around 9 a.m. We do a little bit of weightlifting and a little bit of strength training to get faster and stronger." 

What're you most looking forward to improving on this upcoming season? 

“Consistency. There’s games and shifts where I’m really effective. There are shifts where I try to dominate and sometimes there’s others where I’m not as engaged. I want to bring my ‘A’ game from shift to shift and carry that over to the next night or the next game.” 

City with the best food? 

“I might be a little biased from playing there, but Providence has really good food. There’s a big culinary school there and a ton of restaurants.”  

What’s your coffee order? 

“Americano with a splash of cream.” 

What NHL team has the best jerseys? 

“Minnesota, obviously. Besides the Wild, I’d say Vegas in the Western Conference and Montreal in the Eastern Conference.” 

How would you rate I80 on a scale of 1-10? 

“Probably a 6 because of all the trucks. The semi-trucks clog up the road and you don’t know what they’re doing so you have be cautious.” 

Does your phone work? (Submitted by Adam Beckman) 

Selective use.  

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