Jul 6, 2021

On Feb. 16, 2021, Iowa Wild defenseman Calen Addison made his NHL debut with the Minnesota Wild in Los Angeles. What would ten-year-old Calen say if he knew this was in his future?


“No way”, said Addison with a chuckle. “It’s so crazy to think about still today, so as a kid he’d think there’s no way this is real… even though in the back of his head he believed he could do it.”


Indeed, stepping onto the ice in an NHL game has been on the Brandon, Man. native’s bucket list since diapers, but as a 21-year-old with a bright pro hockey future ahead of him, Addison has some other bucket list items on his mind now.


“I am a die-hard UFC fan”, Addison said. “Going to one of those pay-per-view events live would be the coolest thing ever.”


For the record, if he could see any two fighters in their prime go at it… he went with John “Bones” Jones and the pride of Canada, Georges St. Pierre.


Canadian pride is something Addison holds near and dear. As far as Canadian traditions in the Addison family, it doesn’t get any better than Christmas time and the World Junior Championship.


“Canada always plays [in the World Junior Championship] on Boxing Day and the lead up to it and hype it gets is so great,” Addison said. “It’s another reason to get together with your family, talk and cheer for your country.”


One can only imagine the pride Calen’s father, mother and sister had watching their son capture a Gold Medal at the 2019-20 World Junior Championship in the Czech Republic.


Addison’s family has a long history of service in the police force and firefighting… two professions that Addison said he would be interested in if pro hockey were out of the picture. Although, according to Calen’s thoughts, he may want to consider heading to Nashville and trying his luck on the country music circuit…


“I love country music,” Addison said. “I sound sort of like Luke Combs or Morgan Wallen… or at least I think I sound like them but my family thinks otherwise.”


The mustache Addison sported (and still is sporting) since his arrival in Iowa may fit in well on the country music scene. Since his NHL debut last February, his facial hair has received a good amount of fanfare throughout hockey social media.


“I don’t even know why I do it or why I started,” said Addison with a big smile. “It’s gotten to the point where some people might not even recognize me [without it]”.


Only time will tell if we see the fabled Addison mustache for his sophomore professional season or not.


In the meantime, stay tuned for Wednesday’s “The More You Know with Joe” segment on Facebook live, where Joe will be joined by Calen for a live interview.


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