Aug 9, 2021

Is being the youngest sibling in a family an advantage or a disadvantage? Iowa Wild forward, Adam Beckman, sides with the advantage camp.


“I spent a lot of time around my older brother and his friends,” Beckman said. “I think that pushed me to mature and hang around with those guys… but there was fighting, bickering and wrestling.”


Minnesota’s third round draft pick from the 2019 NHL Draft is the youngest of three Beckman children. His brother, Luc, is six-years older while his sister, Sydney, has four-years on the 20-year-old Adam. Oftentimes being the youngest of three means not playing your position of choice in the backyard.


“We have a sport court in our backyard where we used to play road hockey,” Beckman said. “I actually always had to play goalie. My brother and his buddies hacked and whacked quite a bit.”


According to Adam, the Beckman clan is a tight group, especially on the sibling front. Adam followed his siblings in athletics, and in employment.


“Hockey took up most of my time when I was young, but my first real job was at a candy shop,” Beckman said. “My brother and sister worked at the exhibition [local fair] and I would help out sometimes.”


Aside from human beings, there are two other prized members of the Beckman family. Louie, the bichon shih tzu and Oliver, the Maltese poodle, are every bit as beloved as the human members in the Beckman household.


“Losing one of my dogs is definitely one of my biggest fears in life,” Beckman said.


As is the case in the life of a professional hockey player, the rink and the weight room are constants for Adam during the summer. Another usual spot to find pro players is on the golf course, a place where Beckman also frequents during the offseason… but by his standards, with little success.


“My most embarrassing moment is every time I step on a golf course,” said Beckman with a huge grin. “My game is OK, it’s not great, it’s just OK. I am going to leave it at that.”


For more on Adam, and to see his new feathered hairstyle, tune into our Facebook Live event on Wednesday, Aug. 11. Voice of the Wild, Joe O’Donnell, will join him for a live chat and fans are encouraged to chime in on the conversation.


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