Jun 22, 2021

This offseason, keep an eye out for our weekly "lights, camera" player features, highlighting our Iowa Wild players as they prepare for the 2021-22 AHL season. These features are aimed at learning more about each player on and off the ice and include a written story, live interview and highlight package every week.


When you cheat on your diet what is your go-to guilty pleasure? Ice cream? Potato chips? For the ultra-regimented Iowa Wild forward, Mitchell Chaffee, the furthest into snack foods he goes is popcorn… or if he is feeling very adventurous, pretzels.


The Rockford, Mich. born Chaffee is an example of a professional hockey player who is dialed in on the details. The former University of Massachusetts-Amherst standout recently finished his first professional season in the American Hockey League, recording two goals and 15 assists in 28 games during the 2020-21 campaign. Looking ahead to year two, Chaffee continues to narrow the focus on elevating his game, which included a move to Detroit in the offseason.


“I recently moved down to Detroit to live with my sister and her husband,” Chaffee said. “Normally I spend the summer in Grand Rapids [Mich.), where my parents and brother live, but I moved to get better training to prepare for next year.”


Family is something Mitchell holds dearly, even in spite of all the traveling he’s done on his way to the AHL. He’s spent time in Bloomington, Ill., Fargo N.D., Amherst, Mass. and now Des Moines, Iowa in order to chase his dream of playing in the NHL.


“The whole Chaffee family is still in Michigan, but it’s hard with hockey because I can’t always attend family events,” Chaffee said. “They always have my back and any chance I have to get home and see them is great to connect and get everyone together.”


The 6-foot-1, 197-pound winger is well on his way to a possible NHL debut in the near future, but like many other pro hockey players, Chaffee has another dream job… or maybe it’s better to call it a pipe-dream job.


“I think being a country music artist would be the coolest thing ever,” Chaffee said. “I would love to play in Nashville or at these massive country music festivals.”


Mitchell said he’s working on a stage name, but before he can do that, he has to pick up an instrument.


“I do not play an instrument and I am probably the most musically challenged person around,” said Chaffee with a big grinning laugh. “That’s why I am so impressed by what those artists are able to do.”


Along the same lines with family, Mitchell’s faith has played an important role in his life and career. Look no further than his Instagram profile (@mitch_chaffee), to find a profession of his Christian beliefs through his most recent post, citing a bible verse from Romans 12:10.


“It’s hard to put it [faith] out there because people sometimes judge you, but I like to share it with other people,” Chaffee said. “Being a Christian is a huge part of my life and sharing that is a great opportunity to reach people who need help or want to talk.”


On Wednesday, Jun. 23, Joe O’Donnell will be going live with Mitchell on Facebook. Fans are encouraged to tune in.


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