Jun 28, 2021

One of these descriptions of Iowa Wild forward Connor Dewar is false, can you guess which description it is?


Focused, prolific, intense, beekeeper…


Trick question, they are all true. Yes, Iowa’s leading goal scorer from the 2020-21 season once had a part-time job at an apiary.


“I wasn’t quite a beekeeper,” Dewar said. “I scraped the hives to get the honey loose, put it in the spinner and that extracts the honey…I probably got stung two or three times a day while working.”


The 21-year-old from The Pas, Man. has lived a life laser-focused on becoming a professional hockey player. When asked what ten-year-old Connor would say to now 21-year-old Connor about his career success so far, his response was, “he wouldn’t be satisfied.”


It’s clear Dewar, like many of his AHL teammates, spent the majority of his younger days chasing the NHL dream. His weeklong apiary gig was the only job he could come up with when asked about childhood work. Perhaps the most work Connor did while growing up, aside from honing his hockey skills, was flooding the Dewar family’s outdoor rink in the winter.


“I had an outdoor rink to skate on every winter growing up,” said Dewar with a smile. “Once the first snowfall came, our whole family would be out there with the hose and the bucket dumping water. Even our dogs would be out there running around.”


The “Ice General” of the Dewar family rink was Connor’s father, Jade, who played hockey through the midget level in Canada. To this day, Jade continues to be a mentor for Connor on and off the ice.


“My dad and I have a very tight relationship, especially on the hockey side of things,” Dewar said. “He was always my coach growing up, so we see the game the same way. It’s great to be able to talk to him about it.”


Talking to his dad about hockey is something Connor does regularly… trading texts after every game and catching up over the phone a few times a week.


On Wednesday, Jun. 30, Joe O’Donnell will be live with Connor on Facebook. Fans are encouraged to mark their calendars and tune in.


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