Aug 16, 2021

Have you ever had the embarrassing dream where you walk into school, work or a public setting without pants on? Iowa Wild defenseman, Keaton Thompson, lived this nightmare as a squirt minor hockey player in North Dakota.


“I was on a breakaway and my pants weren’t tight enough,” Thompson said. “Right at the blueline they dropped to my feet. I tried to keep skating, which ended up sending me head over heels. It was so embarrassing; it still sticks with me to this day. That’s why I always tie my waist band super tight now.”


The Devils Lake, N.D. native is a self-proclaimed introvert, but that doesn’t stop “Thommer” from being one of the more likeable guys around the locker room.


“I tend to be a pretty shy guy when I don’t know you but will open up more once I get to know you,” Thompson said. “I’ve been working on being more outgoing, and it’s a lifelong process. If you’re around me don’t be afraid to say hi, and I’ll be more than happy to share a few fun facts about myself.”


One area Thompson used to put himself out there on was the social media platform “Bebo”, which ran from 2005 to 2013.


“Bebo took over when I was in middle school, and I was really big on it,” said Thompson laughing. “It was right around the same time Myspace got big… I’m not really sure if it was just a North Dakota thing or what, but they are not relevant anymore.”


Cereal is still a relevant food choice in 2021 and is very relevant in the day-to-day life of this former University of North Dakota blueliner.


“I eat cereal like it’s crazy,” said Thompson with a sheepish grin. “I’ve been trying to make it healthier, sticking to Kashi and Cheerios. My favorites are Lucky Charms and Fruity Pebbles… I love Fruity Pebbles.”


For his go-to meals with more sustenance, Thompson refers to his family meals over the holidays as not only a great meal, but a great time with his entire family.


“Grandma and Grandpa usually make Swedish meatballs around Christmas time and that’s always a go-to favorite for me,” Thompson said.


Thompson comes from a family with a heavy hockey background, as his dad and brother both played college hockey at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minn.


“We have a family heirloom up there,” Thompson said. “My dad played there [at Concordia College], my brother plays there and my grandpa and Mom both went to school there.”


Check out our Facebook Live event on Wednesday, Aug. 18, featuring Keaton and Voice of the Iowa Wild, Joe O’Donnell. The two will dive deeper into what makes Thompson tick and fans are encouraged to join in on the conversation.


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